Daily Gallon-While On The Run (76)

Not drinking your daily water is the reason why-

Your skin feels so dry.




Daily Gallon-While On The Run (22)

To have a date-

With the art to hydrate.



Daily Gallon-While On The Run (21)

To simply stand still-

And do another water refill.



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet # 363

Can’t forget that water date-

So that I can practice the art to hydrate.


Three Things That We Have To Do (2012)

1. Bathe.

2. Drink water.

3. Grocery shop.


We all spend a while-

Searching up and down, the

grocery aisle.

Three Reasons To Get Up Mid-Nite (2012)

1. Drink water.

2. Noise.

3. Sleepwalking.


30% creep-

During sleep.

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