Three To Use With Care (2015)

1. Chainsaw.
2. Drill.
3. Credit card.
To create too
much expense.




Three About That Flowing Water On Mars (2015)

1. Clean.
2. Clear.
3. Untouched.
The will-
To get there and drill.


Three To Drill For (2015)

1. Spelling test.
2. Oil.
3. Water.
In CA for sure-
With severe drought to endure.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 312 (Close To The Keys)

We like to drill-
And we’ve always said we will, we will.
All drilling is fine-
Even if it puts us in a bind.
Cuba likes to drill too-
And with a new project,
with a Spanish company,
they will follow through.
45 miles from the Florida Keys-
Close to the beautiful sand beaches,
with palm trees blowing in the breeze.
We like to drill-
And we’ve always said we will, we will.



Three Places To Drill (2010)

1. In the sea.

2. In a field.

3. Under a park.
One might say, that you can’t-
But, it can be done through
adjacent property, using
techniques horizontal, or slant.

Three Reasons Not To Drill On The East Coast (2010)

1. Tourism.

2. Environment concerns.

3. The Gulf Coast.
The Gulf Coast has been blessed-
With one big mess.

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 370

Our thoughts, to think of earthquakes, used to stand still-
But, now in the light, especially, of recent events, earthquake
drills, we will.


Three Things To Do In A State Park (2011)

1. Camp.

2. Fish.

3. Drill for oil.
Either an entrance fee-
Or oil drilling, it will be.

Three That Are Safe For The Moment (2013)

1. Entitlements.

2. The insured money in the bank.

3. The Artic.


The will-

To put off that unprepared spill.

Three That Will Get You Every Time (2012)

1. A child’s prank.

2. A magician’s trick.

3. Those cable tv drills, in the middle of the night.


To forge full ahead-

The shrill noise, to make you sit straight up, in your bed.

-mary elizabeth rumsey-



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