Three Places To Find Clutter (2016)

1. Closet.
2. Purse.
3. Anywhere you can stuff something.
Not to be missed-
Endless list.






Three Ways Down The Road (2015)

1. Walk.
2. Run.
3. Ease on down.
On The Wiz Live to see-
Shanice Williams as Dorothy.


Three Things That Dorothy Did Not Find On The Way Back To Kansas (2011)

1. Another tornado.
2. No more bad witches.
3. Not one empty tea bottle,
on the ground.
Never hug-
A litterbug.


Three For A Birthday Party (2014)


1. Tin Man.

2. Scarecrow.

3. Lion.


Dorothy, also seen in the mix-

With L. Frank Baum, born in 1856.


Three Best Friends (2011)

1. Sally.
2. Dorothy.
3. The regulator.
Especially, if you happen to be-
In the oil industry.

Three To Go Home (2011)

1. Dorothy.

2. Vacationers.

3. Arizona Rep. Giffords.
The will-
And, drive, to leave the hospital.

Three Associated With Dorothy (2011)

1. Toto.

2. The blue and white gingham pinafore dress.

3. Those ruby red slippers.


The latter two-

An appearance, on the auction block, for a good

cause, they will acrue.

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