Three Places Where We Drag Our Feet (2008)

1. To the dentist office.

2. To the doctor office.

3. To the gas station.
Some things that we have to do-
Whether or not we want to.



Three Places To Get Those Prescription Drugs (2012)

1. From the doctor.

2. On the street.

3. Out of Mother’s med cabinet.


Plenty to see-

Painkillers and pills for anxiety.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 834 (Run To The Doctor)

We used to climb a tree-

And, to get back down was

as easy as it could be.


For we were agile, and could

bend and jump-

When we hit the ground, you’d

hear that thump.


And, run, we did as fast as we could-

On the dirt road, and straight into the wood.


A long way, is what we would run-

Until out of breath, then it still wouldn’t be over and done.


We played ball, and rolled on the ground-

All throughout the day, the summersault would be found.


But, something changed as the years went by-

To do the above activities, were hardly given a try.


A recent camping trip, with the grandchildren,

brought this to light-

For after sleeping on the ground, things just

didn’t feel right.


Obviously we aren’t as agile as we used to be-

While holding the back, a doctor is what we

presently needed to see.


We used to climb a tree-

And, to get back down was

as easy as it could be.

Three Reasons To Call Your Doctor In The Middle Of The Night (2010)

1. You have a fever.

2. You have chills.

3. You cannot sleep.
And neither can he-
With all of the interruptions
there are to be.

In The Golden Days Seen-On The TV Screen (61)

Back in 1961, much medical expertise and emotion to see-

Weekly, on Ben Casey.




Three Things Required To Become A Doctor (2008)

1. A degree.

2. Some type of bedside manner.

3. The ability to wash their hands.
Fines will be awarded to those hands that aren’t clean-
For too many germs appear and travel throughout the hospital scene.

Aways A Moment To Seize-Regarding Controlling That Diabetes (14)

You can visit your doctor all that you want to-

But in the end, in addition, it is all up to you.



Three Personal (2016)

1. Plant it.
2. Water it.
3. Watch it grow.
No dispute-
In picking your own veggie or fruit.




In The Golden Days Seen-On The TV Screen (104)

Back in 1961, Ben Casey-

A heartthrob doctor, to cause a stir, as it were.




In The Golden Days Seen-On The TV Screen (95)

Doctor comedy to come through-

On Bob Newhart, back in 1972.



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