Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 810

Time will tell-

Did we do bad or did we do well?


Depends on who is telling the story-

For changes occur, with prior history.


To cover up what we do not want to


To take away, the truth, bit by bit.


It is up to others, to dig real hard-

To find the truth, to unwind the

liars on guard.


So many things not mentioned, or

put in the background-

To make some facts silent, to not

bear their own sound.


Time will tell-

Did we do bad or did we do well?

Three Reasons To Dig Into History (2016)

1. Informative.
2. Interesting.
3. New facts.
A buzz-
The way it really was.




The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (375)

To think one way-

Until another truth is dug up, on any given day.



Three That All Parents Do (2015)

  1. Love their children.
  2. Protect their children.
  3. Dig in their children’s Halloween bag.


We know that it is not right-

But we still do it, as soon as the children

are out of sight.




Three Favorites This Coming Week (2015)

1. This candy.
2. That candy.
3. You know the one.
Serious time spent–
Looking for that favorite
candy in the children’s
bag, by every parent.


Three For Congress To Discuss (2015)

1. Infrastructure.
2. Jobs.
3. Another special committee.
Over and over again-
To dig in, to attempt to find something in order to win.


Three Ways To Kick The Can Down The Road Almost 100 Years Ago (2015)

1. Dig.
2. Acquire.
3. Don’t look back.
To mine-
To leave future generations
in a bind.


Three To Dig Up (2015)

1. Treasures.
2. Dirt to plant seeds.
3. Seaside memories.
That air-
With waves of grand fare.


Three Reasons To Dig (2015)

1. Pipeline.
2. Pool.
3. History.
In North Carolina
in the midst-
Of Roanoke Island lost


Three To Dig Up (2015)

1. Old business.

2. Treasures.

3. The truth.


History unearthed-

For all it is worth.



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