Three Types Of Vision (2012)

1. Night.

2. Day.

3. The one that is good for the country.


Now and then-

With a difference, of opinion.

Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 734

We know that you are bright-

That you know the difference between a red and green light.

Three Examples Of When 5 Inches Makes A Difference (2009)

1. When the pants legs were hemmed too long.

2. When the two cars almost collided.

3. When rain is expected.


Yes, we need the rain-

But for some it might be too much of a gain.


Three That Make A Difference (2017)

1. Looks.
2. Taste.
3. Calories.
All about-
A bit of counting on route.


Three When One More Makes A Difference (2017)

1. It becomes two.

2. It becomes one plus another one.

3. The country explodes in population.
Not just a math problem for school-
But China relaxing its one-child rule.


Three That Make A Difference (2016)

1. Caring.

2. Sharing.

3. Entertaining the entire family.
Time tested-
With much love invested.


Three To Make A Difference (2016)


1. Texture.

2. Flavor.

3. Sauce.


A sure win-

The perfect addition.




Three That Might Not Make A Difference (2016)

1. Sunshine/Rain.
2. Travel/Stay home.
3. Not well funded/Well funded.
As of late-
To affect many a candidate.




Three That Make A Difference (2016)

1. Cash on hand.
2. Compassion.
3. Manners.
Still in date-
Top rate.




Three To Make A Difference (2016)

1. Word.
2. Quote.
3. One tweet.
That’s all it took-
And then the world shook.




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