Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

Three To Get Your Attention:
1. Sign.
2. Flag.
3. Plate of homemade fudge.
To find-
That chalky kind.

Three To Clean:
1. TV screen.
2. Glass door screen.
3. That toudh screen.
More info on the scene-
When object is clean.

Three Leaks:
1. Oil spill.
2. Pool.
3. Wiki.
Time spent-
Receiving one
more leaked

Three To Spy On:
1. Countries.
2. Nations.
3. Governments.
And each other-
One spy on another.


Three Relaxing Moments:
1. Tea time.
2. Break at work.
3. WH daily briefing.
Couldn’t be nicer-
Listening to rantings of Spicer.

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

Three All Of A Sudden:
1. New President.
2. Certain pal of President.
3. This.
To loom-
That elephant in the room.

3 Full:
1. River full of crap.
2. Hollow mine seeping.
3. Toxic soil aka oil spill.
Minus cleanup to know-
Full pocket of CEO.

3 Easy To Imagine:
1. Unsafe chemicals.
2. Dirty water.
3. Filthy air.
On track-
To simply go back.

Three Favorites:
1. Cherry pie.
2. Apple pie.
3. Squirrel pie.
All homemade-
Top grade.


3 To Protect:
1. Life.
2. Liberty.
3. All President says.
Right or wrong-
To simply follow along.

Three About Those Inauguration Pics:

1. One has a larger crowd.

2. One had a smaller crowd.

3. The difference cannot be seen due
to narcissistic tendencies.


To be all about me-
Not is what is best for my country.

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (2017)

3 For Audit:
1. Supplies.
2. Books.
3. Tax returns.
Some take longer
than others do-
As in never ending
& hard to get finished
& through.

Three Answers For Potholes:
1. Hit them.
2. Go around them.
3. Fill them..
To erode-
And replenish a gravel road.

Three Errors:
1. Grammar.
2. Math.
3. Judgement.
Re: Gitmo prisoner
release numberso detect-
Before blabbing
figures to simply check.

Three Regarding What EVERYBODY KNOWS:



that will cover “everybody” a chance.

3 Needed For Trump/Russian Inquiry
1. Honesty.
2. Partiality.
3. Not in someone’s pocket.
As it were-
To not investigate own employer.

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Sunday 3/5/2017)

Three Coming Out Of

Vehicle Tailpipes:


  1. Pollution.
  2. Black smoke.
  3. Whatever you choose.


With no EPA-

To get in the way.


Three New:

  1. Nothing outdate.
  2. Nothing old.
  3. Nothing seen before.


To cause a stir-

Brand new words on paper.



Three Steel:

1. Man of Steel.

2. Stainless steel.

3. American made steel.


In finished pipeline case-

Canadian and Mexican steel in its place.


Three For Tax Returns:

  1. Taxman.
  2. After Taxes.
  3. I Paid My Taxes Today.


Issues to address-

Me and the IRS.



3 Other USA/Russian Photos:

  1. Obama/Putin.
  2. Bush/Putin.
  3. Reagan/Gorbachev.


Regular season-

Not one bit treason.


Three A Little Later:

  1. Appointment.
  2. Meeting.
  3. Brunch.


That thing-





Three Eggs:

  1. Chicken.
  2. Goose.
  3. Octapus.


Readily seen-

Reminds me of a jelly bean.




3 IRS:

  1. End it.
  2. Destroy it.
  3. Cut funding.


After time spent-

U.S. citizens

rifling thru returns

of President.



Three We Used To Do:

  1. Twist.
  2. Walk.
  3. Jump.


And we still do-

If good health we

want to accrue


3 Grandma’s:

  1. Your Grandma.
  2. My Grandma.
  3. Our Grandma.


Delicious with no borders to see-

Grandma’s sharing their recipe.




Three To Welcome Back:

  1. Kotter.
  2. Friend.
  3. Bison.


To attempt to travel lane-

When they shook the plain.



3 Said The Lemur:

  1. We’re 106 species.
  2. We’re stars of Madagascar.
  3. Only 20% of habitat left.


Give it a rest-

Ending of forest.



Three Favorite Games:

  1. Hide and Seek.
  2. Family Feud.
  3. Find that ACA Replacement.


Nerves wound-

Until finally found.


Three Ahead Of Schedule:

  1. Report.
  2. Task.
  3. Cherry Tree Blossoms.


For a good reason-

Early season.


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times


Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Friday 3/3/2017)

Three To Focus On:

1. With hunts.

2. Weekends in Florida.

3. New hotels in other countries.


To find-

Serious issues bottom line.


Three Stages For Riverwalk Site:

1. Masonic Building.

2. Courthouse.

3. Hotel.


From the 1800’s to the

present day-

New architecture making its way.


Three To Deliver:

1. Package.

2. Boxes.

3. Promised.


Jobs and more-

Coming from WH store.


Three For Son-in-Laws:

1. Marries daughter.

2. Part of family.

3. Gets heavily involved.


More or less-

Family business.


3 Important Questions:

1. Where’s beef?

2. What day is it?

3. Who hasn’t visited with

Russian Ambassador?


Not to be missed-

To shorten that list.


Three A Tree Provides:

1. Shade.

2. Comfort.

3. A place to climb.


Like an old friend-

With a helping hand to lend.


3 Famous Artists:

1. Michelangelo.

2. Francisco Goya.

3. Rembrandt.


And in modern days

to accrue-

None other George W.


Three For Fridays:

1. Weekend coming.

2. Week to wrap up.

3. Fish for dinner.


Not to skimp-

Catfish or a plate full

of shrimp.


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