Three To Welcome (2012)

1. New neighbors.

2. A shade spot.

3. Older power plants.


In Texas, back online-

With greater demand, for air

conditioning, and less blackouts, to find.

Three In High Demand (2013)

1. Guns.

2. News stories.

3. Flu vaccine.


Very much in demand-

With the virus traveling all over the land.

Three Notes Leading To The Idea That One Thing Leads To Another (2009)

1. There is a demand for palm oil.
2. Forests are cut down to make way for palm tree plantations.
3. The endangered orangutan’s habitat is being destroyed.
Making chips, chocolate, and margarine-
Equals out to the orangutan’s habitat
becoming thin.


Three In The Closet (2016)

1. New.
2. Old.
3. Combo.
To be the one-

To mix that old and new fashion.




Three In Demand (2015)

1. New tech.
2. Veggies.
3. Welding.
Enrollment on edge-
Many students going to community college.


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (122)

Winter does demand-

That Mother Nature should highlight our environment, with snow all over the land.





Three Required For Hospitals (2014)

1. Doctors.
2. Patients.
3. Supplies.
In India, a demand-
Directly on hand.


Three Types Of Drugs (2014)

1. Cocaine.
2. Meth.
3. Prescription.
All across the land-
All three are in high demand.


Three To Demand (2014)

1. Fair pay.

2. Great benefits.

3. Some sleep.


A legitimate demand-

Calling for a meeting with

Mr. Sandman.



Three We Want Done Quickly (2014)

1. Food preparation.

2. Grocery checkout.

3. Everything else that we can think of.


Time doesn’t wait-

Hurry up and open that gate.


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