Three That Pass Too Fast (2014)

1. Hours of the day.

2. Weeks turning into months.

3. Our children’s growth.



Suddenly tall.


Three Ways To Know That It’s Gonna Be A Hot Day (2010)

1. The sun is shining bright.

2. You are sweating.

3. It’s already 85 degrees, and you just woke up.
Already working up a sweat-
And we haven’t even had breakfast yet.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 569 (Until The Day Is Done)

We used to play, in the summer sun-
From the early morning, til the day was done.
Outside we had so much fun-
Of course, using our imagination.
A program or two, on TV, we’d get to see-
And, then the rest, of the time, outside we
would be.
Climbing trees and making mud pies-
Counting bees, and catching flies.
Running, til we could run no more-
Always wondering, what next, would be
in store.
Playing hide and seek-
With that once, in a while peek.
Sitting under a tree-
Talking of what we would do next,
and what we’d grow up to be.
We used to play, in the summer sun-
From the early morning, til the day was done.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 989 (Sleep Will Come Later)

We were worn-

After the baby was born.


And, the leisure sleep went away-

For the baby awoke, both night and day.


To be fed, to be changed, and to be rocked-

Had we known, our past sleep time, we might have stocked.


But, through it all we figured it was best-

Later, in life, there will be plenty, of time, to rest.


We were worn-

After the baby was born

Three Ways To Make Your Day Brighter (2010)

1. Step outside.

2. Plant a flower.

3. Bake a homemade cupcake.
It’s easy to find-
Some type of daily sunshine.

Three Ways To Know That It Is A Good Day (2011)

1. You’re still standing.

2. The frig is running.

3. There are groceries in the pantry.


And, a bit of sunshine-

To find.


A Quick Say-In My Own Way # 833

There is much happiness to find-

At the beginning of the day, at that

first moment of sunshine.

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 100

Those two plus two, side
by side, wheel skates that we
used to find-
Turned into modern inline.

Three Reasons That Pets Can Be Sad (2011)

1. It’s not dinnertime yet.

2. They lost one of their toys.

3. The children are now back in school.


A longer day-

With less play.

Three Things About Mondays (2011)

1. They follow Sunday.

2. They are the first day of
the work week.

3. They arrive quickly.
Wish someone could send-
A longer weekend.

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