Three To Study (2014)

1. Math.

2. Science.

3. Where we came from.


Culture and history-

Important for generations, to learn and see.


Three Hamburgers (2012)

1. Fried.

2. Broiled.

3. Lab grown.


A dish, to procure-

Created through culture.

Three Subjects For Documentaries (2012)

1. History.

2. Culture.

3. Latinos.


Interesting. with much to address-

A six-hour program, featured by PBS.

The Need-To Read # 217

The more I read about the safety
cutting corners culture-
The more that I can believe it for

Three Things That Texas Is Great At Preserving (2008)

Three things that Texas is great at preserving:

1. Their heritage.

2. Their culture.

3. Their courthouses.
Most beautiful buildings one ever saw-
To uphold and protect Texas law.



Three To Change Out (2013)

1. An air filter.

2. The oil in the car.

3. The bells at Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral.


850 years ago, as we turn the pages-

New bells, to sound, just like back in the Middle Ages.


Three Places To Gather (2017)

1. At the river.
2. At the stadium.
3. In the kitchen.
As one can tell-
Growing in room size and carrying
a delicious smell.


Three Regarding The Biloxi-Chitmacha-Choctaw Tribe On Isle de Jean Charles (2016)

  1. They hunted.
  2. They fished.
  3. Now they are going to be relocated.


For many reasons, after many generations, Grandpa’s land-

In Louisiana, going under, will no longer exist, will no longer be on hand.


Three To Sink (2016)

1. Boat.
2. Rock.
3. Venice.
A sad moment
for sure-
So much history and culture.


Three For Venice (2016)

1. Gondolas.
2. Waterways.
3. Jewish life.
500 years, to endure.


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