Three Cords (2015)

1. Umbilical.
2. Venetian blind.
3. Cable.
No longer to afford-
To revise that last cord.


Three Cords To Cut (2014)

1. Umbilical.
2. Ones on venetian blinds.
3. TV cable.
Choices to see-
Savings to be.


Three Cords To Cut (2014)


1. Umbilical.

2. Off a package.

3. Cable.


To re-route-

Is what this is all about.


Three Things About Those Blinds For The Windows (2009)

1. They look nice.

2. They provide privacy.

3. They can be deadly.
Their cords cannot hang down-
If you have small children around.



Three Cords Cut In History (2011)

1. Human at birth.

2. Phone at onset of cordless version.

3. Cable via online video stream.
The word-
Is that we are not quite
ready, for the third.

Three Before Using Those Vocal Cords (2011)

1. Clear your throat.

2. Think before you utter.

3. Check the mike.
To seek-
A private speak?

Three Cords To Cut (2013)

1. Shoelaces that cannot be unknotted.

2. The umbilical one at birth.

3. The cable television one.


The will-

To cut that outrageous entertainment watching bill.



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