Three That Make The World Go Round


1. A higher up.

2. Science facts.

3. The latest conspiracy theory.


From Elvis being alive to what

is going on now-

High ratings to achieve through a

loyalty vow.



Three To Look For Next Conspiracy Theory (2017)

Three Old Hat (2016)

1. The world is flat.
2. Clean coal.
3. That birth certificate.
Always to see-
One more conspiracy theory.



A Reminder Set-Lest We Forget (37)

The Jade Helm Military Exercise was successful with much to gain-

As the State of Texas unfortunately traveled the conspiracy theory lane.




Three To Go Over Again (2011)

1. That grocery list.

2. Your own phone number that

you never use.

3. That birth certificate.


How ridiculous can it be?

To keep up with the same old

conspiracy theory?


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