Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 937 (Just One More Song)

When we go to see someone sing-

Many memories it does tend to bring.


Memories, from back in the day-

With expectations, that the favorite song

will head our way.


But, obviously some artists have so many tunes-

Written and sung, throughout many moons.


And, they don’t get to that favorite song, that we

wanted to hear-

It hits us like a rock, that is so clear.


My favorite and your favorite might not be the


But, Eric Clapton not singing, Layla, in concert, didn’t seem

like fair game.


When we go to see someone sing-

Many memories it does tend to bring.



Three Going On In Houston Today (2013)

1. Sunday drives.

2. Family walks.

3. One Direction.
Teens, including my daughter
and granddaughter-
Going to the concert, causing
a heart stir.

Three Favorites (2013)

1. Baby Love.

2. My Girl.

3. Where Did Our Love Go?


At Miller Outdoor Theater, I Hear A Symphony-

Dancin’ in the Streets: Motown & More Reveue, and it is free.



The Highlight Of The Day-In My Own Way # 522

To say goodbye, in 1970, as far as we could tell-

Diana Ross and the Supremes sang their final song at Las Vegas’ Frontier Hotel.

Three Gathering In Huge Crowds (2015)

1. Concert goers.
2. Political Rallies.
3. Santa Run.
Run Santa go-
Whether it be rain,
Whether it be snow.




Three Loud (2016)

1. Concerts.
2. Fireworks.
3. Thunder.
Just as loud as can be-
On a night that is stormy.




Three To Cook (2016)

1. Chicken.
2. Beef.
3. Fish.
Time spent-
Looking to cook
something different.




Three Crowds (2016)

1. Concert.
2. Sports event.
3. New store grand opening.
Expectations soar-
At the front door.




Three To Produce A Crowd (2016)

1. Concert.
2. Political event.
3. Someone is cooking.
Gathering for multiple cuisine.




Three Crowds (2016)

1. Concert goers.
2. Sports fans.
3. Political events.
To cause a stir-
To show up for the one
that you favor.





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