Three Tender (2015)

1. Things in common.
2. Things to share.
3. Things to remember.
Filled with care-
Relationship moments
to share.


Three For Both (2015)

1. Silverware.
2. Décor.
3. Pets?
All the better-
To agree on much,
in order, to live


Three To Raise A Child (2011)

1. Mom and Dad.
2. Mom or Dad.
3. Grandparents.
Creating a sensation.


A Popular Name (2007)

We were all babies at one time or another-
Whether the first in the family, or with an
awaiting sister or brother.
And one thing for sure that our parents had
to do-
Was to give us a name, that would follow us
our whole lifetime through.
The names that are given come from carefully
chosen themes-
Whether it be a relative’s name, celebrity, or
a name thought up in our dreams.
Emma and Aiden, in both 2005 and 2006-
Were the favorite baby names, among the rest of the
And in 2004, it was Emma for the baby girl-
With the male name of Jacob, for the
baby boy, freshly entering into the world.
2003 put Emily as baby girl name number one-
As Jacob, the baby boy name, was solid through and
through, to get the job done.
Emily and Jacob were on top in 2002-
Letting no other baby name above them get
In 2001, Emily and Jacob
made the top of the baby list-
Two names at the parents insist.
Hannah and Michael in the year of 2000-
Were the baby names, that ruled the land.
Of course. I could go on and on-
But then my writing room would all be
But before I go, I’d like to highlight
a few decades-
In which the baby names changed, and shows the
choices that were made.
Jessica and Michael in 1990 held the honor-
Not letting any other baby names, walk through
that winning door.
1980 and 1970 were exactly the same-
With Jennifer and Michael being the top
baby names.
In 1960, at the top of the grid-
Were the baby names of Mary and David.
In 1950, it was Linda and John-
The winning baby names that tended to spawn.
Mary and James in 1940 held the top spot-
The baby names, that the parents
tended to like a lot.
And in 1930 Mary and Robert-
Were the two top baby names
that no one could skirt.
1920, 1910, 1900, 1890, and 1880, parents played
the same baby naming game-
With Mary and John being the top baby names.
No wonder when my name is called, “we” tend
to turn our heads and look around-
For obviously, in this world, many Mary’s appear
to be around.
Whatever name a parent chooses, it is always on
the top of their list-
Hopefully with that relative so and so is not being missed.

Three Things That Many Teenagers Have In Common (2010)

1. Their TV shows.

2. Their music.

3. Their hearing loss.
That loud music can cost-
Equaling out to 1 in 5 teenagers,
having a slight hearing loss.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 385 (That Common Cold)

The common cold came-
And, things never again,
were the same.
The sneezes came on a
regular basis-
Which the tissue, not much
did it miss.
And, the eyes watered a lot-
Thinking that a rainfall, is
what we’ve got.
Surely, surely, of course-
The cough came in full force.
Not fit, to be in a crowd-
As the coughing continued
quite loud.
Figuring that it would never
Eventually, we get over it,
we do mend.
The common cold came-
And, things never again,
were the same.


Three Things About Arthritis (2010)

1. It is a bone disease.

2. It is painful.

3. It has become more common.
One in five-
Tend to take a dive.

Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 499

Will we ever again see?
The art of common courtesy?


Three Reasons That Some Have To Work Together (2011)

1. They are a team.

2. They have common goals.

3. They may receive pink slips.
Both sides-
Taken in stride.

Three Things To Do While Driving (2011)

1. Texting.

2. Paint nails.

3. Look backwards for a long time.
The suspense-
Of common sense.


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