Three Things To Find (2010)

1. Coins on the ground.
2. Keys.
3. 100 antique sash windows dating back to
the 1900’s.
Made of pine and cypress wood, that
were already old-
In Galveston, a man who bought a
historic building, the found treasures
simply began to unfold.

A Child’s Time In Simple Rhyme # 325

Can be as simple as, calling heads or tails,
on a flipped dime.

Three Things To Dig Up (2010)

1. Shells.

2. Coins.

3. The statue of a powerful pharaoh who
ruled nearly 3,400 years ago.
Egyptian archaeologists discovered the statue of
Amenhotep III-
And it is 4-foot by 3-foot, is what we have heard.


Three Things To Trade (2011)

1. Cards.

2. Coins.

3. Blame.
Natural to do-
When what you want,
does not blow through.

Three To Find In Your Pocket (2011)

1. Receipts.

2. Coins.

3. A paper dollar bill.



The paper stuff, to be phased out?

Three No Longer (2012)

1. Smoking inside public buildings.

2. Unchecked luggage, at the airport.

3. One dollar paper bills.


The coin is being pondered once again-

For the savings involved in deleting the

paper bill, is a sure win.

Three To Unearth (2012)

1. Coins.

2. Pottery.

3. 1,800 turtles.


In China, from 160 million

years ago-

Gathered and met their deaths,

in a drought, where the water

did not flow.

Three Heading Towards The Past (2012)

1. Coins.

2. Paper bills.

3. Credit cards.


To set the tone-

To pay all, with the use of

your cell phone.

Three That Are Rare (2012)

1. Coins.

2. Folks catching a sunset, on purpose.

3. A white penguin.


Found in Antarctica, mostly white-

With a bit, of faded color, on site.

Three things that are smuggled into this country (2009)

1. Coins.

2. Drugs.

3. Monkey meat.
Hidden in a batch of smoked fish for a reason-
For smuggling is an act, never in season.


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