Three Silver (2016)

1. Coins.
2. Bells.
3. Hair.
One more page-
From another “undyed” age.


Three To Flip (2016)

1. Coin.
2. Mattress.
3. TV channel.
Over and over again-
Until finally THEN.





Three Results Of The Cell Phone (2009)


1. No need to flag someone down if you run out of gas.

2. More accidents due to inattention.

3. The extinction of the phone booth.


Way back when-

We’d have to stop to use one after first dropping a coin in.


Three Magic Tricks (2011)

1. Pull rabbit, out of hat.

2. Make coin disappear

3. Raise debt ceiling.
To compromise-
Despite a sudden bucking surprise.

Three To Disappear (2012)

1. A coin, in a magician’s hand.

2. Dessert, on the table.

3. Microsoft Messenger.


To switch, to a new type-

To get familiar with Microsoft Skype.

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