Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 799 (Keep Christmas In December)

Every now and then-

The concept tends, to creep in.


As far as I could remember-

The event is supposed to happen in December.


And, then of course, it was mentioned in July-

Just came up, don’t know the reason why.


Maybe because it was halfway through the year-

And, someone was trying to spread some extra



But, now it’s beginning, to earlier fall through

the cracks, rather subtle-

But, I want it to quit, we need a rebutle.


Let us enjoy the summer season at hand-

To celebrate the birthday, of our land.


To enjoy what is now going on-

To let other thoughts, further, in the year,

be gone.


It will come quick enough-

Let Santa take a break, before he has

to round up his stuff.


Every now and then-

The concept tends, to creep in.




Three On A Shelf (2016)

1. Book.

2. Statue.

3. Elf.
Elf on a shelf, this time
of year-
Bringing much laughter, and
much cheer.



Three Cheers (2016)

1. One for me.
2. One for you.
3. Two for both of us.
Celebration for two-
Favorite brew.




Clear-That Fear (1097)

To cheer-
For no fear.


Three Important (2016)

1. Family.
2. Job.
3. Generosity.
Great cheer-
For the volunteer.




The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (347)

Sad for the year to end-

To happiness for a new beginning,

up and over the bend.



Three For Adults (2015)

1. Joy.
2. Cheer.
3. Children’s movies.
To travel that kid lane-
With memories to gain.




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