Wednesday Yarn (Charging That Cell Phone)

There comes a time when you just cannot keep up

with a certain material thing, and what I am talking

about is the cell phone.


Days can go by and the thing will not ring, so it

stays charged as it should, but the other day was

another story.


It wasn’t a bad thing that happened, but for some

reason or another, I got more calls than I usually do

and I could not keep the things charged.


There were several times when I would be answering

sitting next to the plug where I was charging the cell



As I sat there attached to the one spot, it reminded me

of the old days when the phone was attached to the wall,

in some deep dark corner.


You were held hostage for this was the only way to make

a phone call, and to receive one. If you walked away, the

conversation was over with. Of course, this was the days

before even the cordless phones.


It would be amazing for those younger today, as we talk

all over the neighborhood, all over town, and everywhere

else aside from being stuck in the corner.


It did have its advantages though, for if you didn’t want to

be reached you only had to say later that you were out.

Nowadays being out doesn’t work, for we all carry our

cell phones with us. If someone doesn’t get a reply from

you, they know that you’re ignoring them.


Anyway, getting back to that fun filled plenty of cell calls

received, I eventually got caught up, and removed that red

streak on the cell. That means it is about out of juice and

I would not be receiving any more calls. Sometimes that

might sound like a good idea.


“As time marches down the hall-

One won’t find anymore phones attached to the wall.”



Three Places For FedEx Employees To Deliver (2016)

1. Business.
2. Home.
3. Their home.
When you were expecting
YOUR stuff.




Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite (442)

Don’t make me cough-

When I’m at the theater watching a movie, I want you cell phone off.



Three One Cannot Do Without (2016)

1. Air.
2. Water.
3. Cell phone.
No doubt-
Feeling inadequate



Three Huge (2016)

1. Elephants.
2. Mountains.
3. Breaking news.
Relief bound-
Lost cell phone found.





Three For Teens (2015)

1. Learning.
2. Cell phones.
3. Trying to push that button.
For parents much patience-
As their teens attempt to gain independence.




Three Results Of The Cell Phone (2009)


1. No need to flag someone down if you run out of gas.

2. More accidents due to inattention.

3. The extinction of the phone booth.
Way back when-
We’d have to stop to use one
after first dropping a coin in.


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