It Rocks-To Head To Ballot Box (432)

Votes to amass-

Votes to cast.



Three A Little Chaos (2015)

1. Winslet.
2. Schoenaerts.
3. Rickman.
Entertainment in grand size-

With the cast, comes as no surprise.



Three Highlights Of A Performance (2015)

1. Cast.
2. Show.
3. Audience.
To set the tone-
Turn OFF the cell phone.


Three To Return (2014)

1. Long lost friend.

2. Familiar family.

3. Cast from past TV show.
Full House, still watched in
To be brought up to date, to
be re-done.


Three Things Made From Cast Iron (2010)

1. Skillets.

2. Teapots.

3. Natural gas pipelines.
As the infrastructure drama, continues
to unfold-
Some of the pipelines, in Pennsylvania,
are 120 years old.

Three Wee Items (2012)

1. A dot.

2. A spider.

3. Voter fraud.


So small, and the idea is often cast-

By those, who cheated, in the past.

Three ways to be warned (2010)

1. With a scream.

2. With a bell.

3. With a text.
When the text is cast-
It travels, far and fast.

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