Three Precious (2016)

1. Babies.
2. Artwork.
3. Pets.
No bull-
But otherwise lovable.




The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 231

The left turn signal-
To shooting across the
freeway, without warning,
like a bull.

Three Ways To Cut Back On Spending (2010)

1. Reduce this.

2. Reduce that.

3. Exceed the government rate for lodging.
Some fiscal responsible politicians are full-
Of what they say, and then the bull they pull.

Three About That Front Row (2011)

1. You can see better.

2. You are right there.

3. The airborne bull, is right
there too.
Getting the most-
Of sitting so close.

Three Reasons To Write (2012)

1. Fun.

2. Relaxation.

3. To drain your head.


No bull-

Otherwise it gets too full.


Three To Replace (2012)

1. The oil, in your car.

2. The washer, on the faucet.

3. Lightning Medicine Cloud.


Chief Hiawatha, a bull,  in future tow-

To hopefully, produce another

white buffalo.


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