Three Times For Kids To Drink Only Water (2014)

1. During thirst.
2. Break.
3. Teatime.
As it were-
Too much sugar.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 640 (Youth No Longer)

She woke up one day and she was old-

She didn’t how the years had gone by,

how they came to unfold.


When she was young time went slow,

But, the older she got, the faster it did go.


And, then all of a sudden the wrinkes came-

Her life never again was the same.


Sure she could smooth them out with the

latest stuff-

But, to truly acknowledge her age was

beginning to get rough.


To cover up the ordeal was plain deceit-

For to change her real age, would be

more of a feat.


She just had to settle in and realize that

her days of youth were gone-

But, she could still enjoy each day,

beginning at the break of dawn.


She woke up one day and she was old-

She didn’t know how the years had gone by,

how they came to unfold.



Three New Year Resolutions (2012)

1. Excercise.

2. Diet.

3. Not to break the first two.


Not just to string along-

But, to stay strong.

Three That Grandpa Used To Do (2012)

1. Work out in the sun, all day.

2. Take a break, midday.

3. Drink coffee, when he got home.


An experienced, learned tool-

To end the day, to ward away the heat, to

eventually get cool.

Three Places To Find Ice Chunks (2010)

1. In a glass of tea.

2. In the freezer, inside the ice tray.

3. The ice island that just broke off from one
of Greenland’s two main glaciers.
Four times the size, of Manhattan-
Free flowing, and the biggest such event, in
the Arctic, in the last 50 years, to be on hand.

Three situations in which a small child will take a break from their nonstop continuous talking (2007)

1. When they are asleep at night.
2. When they are taking a nap during the day.
3. When you’d like for them to repeat something that they’ve
    recently learned so that you can show one of your friends.
You’ve heard what they can say-
And they’ll do it again in their own designated time and day.

Three To Enjoy For Half A Week (2013)


1. Lower temps.

2. Sweaters in the closet.

3. A break.


Weather moments to hold-

With no rain, and not so cold.

Three That We Look Forward To (2016)

1. Valentine’s Day.
2. Spring break.
3. Those birth announcements.
To see-
Another precious new baby.



Three That All Families Need (2015)

1. Love.
2. Compassion.
3. A break.
To getaway-
To enjoy the moment, to simply play.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Park Day)

The whole day was spent-

Off to the playground we went.


First we took a ride-

After climbing up the steps, we rode down the slide.


And then of course, we were found-

Getting dizzy, finally, on that merry-go-round.


The see saw takes two of us not just by chance-

But unless you have a pair, there is no balance.


Our favorite, favorite, favorite thing-

Is seeing how high we can travel on the swing.


Our arms and our legs work very hard-

To almost touch the sky is our reward.


A little break is what we then deserve-

A cup of water and a sandwich made with preserves.


A day at the park is always so much fun-

Being a bit sad when it is all over and done.


Both Mommy and Daddy always show much concern-

As they promise that one day soon, we will return.


The whole day was spent-

Off to the playground we went.



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