Three That Make You Go Awe (2014)

1. Cute antic.

2. Pet trick.

3. Baby pics.


A rush-

Both regular fare and the famous.


Three Baby Pics We Love To View (2014)

1. Royal.

2. Celebrity.

3. Comic.


Less age-

On a comic page.


Three We Like To Re-visit (2014)

1. Old path.
2  Fav spot.
3. Baby pictures.
Human or pet-
So much satisfaction is what we get.


Three Things About Baby Photos (2013)

1. Most are shared with immediate family.

2. They are great for future generations, to admire.

3. The public gets a “whole” picture, of who is sitting
in the White House.
Interesting poses, to be amassed-
As we curiously visit the past.

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