Clear-That Fear (760)

The trick-
Is to quell panic and anxiety automatic.


Three Speeds (2015)

1. Fast.
2. Faster.
3. Automatic.
Let it be said-
To quickly get ahead.


Three Automatic (2015)

1. Washer.
2. Car wash.
3. Voter registration.
Unless an opt out is seen-
Everyone automatically registered
at 18.


Three Automatic (2015)

1. Guns.
2. Doors.
3. Voter registration.
Unless you opt out, going
1st in the State of Oregon.


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (12)

Washing at the river seen-

To the modern day washing machine.



The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (11)

Playing solitaire, with the manual shuffle of the cards-

To the internet one, where you even earn rewards.



Three That I Miss About The Old Days (2014)

1. Cheap groceries.
2. Green Stamps.
3. Putting my clock back.
Nowadays no memory trick-
Just simply done automatic.


Three To Copy (2014)

1. Document.
2. Picture.
3. Other people.
To repeat, to fall in line-
Without much thought,
without much mind.


Three That Get Done Without Help (2008)

1. The second hand on the clock rotates.
2 .The heat comes on when the room gets cooler.
3. The dishes pile up in the sink.


The dishes just appear on the scene-

Without any claim of who did it, or why they

weren’t cleaned.


Three Ways To Get Happy (2014)

1. Smile.
2. Grin.
3. Surround yourself with happy..
And when you do-
Happiness will accrue.


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