Three Above Ground (2016)

1. Building.
2. House.
3. Crypt.
New Orleans Cemetery.




Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (301)

I can remember when-

I should have paid better attention to my grandmother’s cooking, as I sat in her kitchen.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Saboux)

Saboux wasn’t just a regular pigeon-

For he liked to get his daily tasks done.


He would first open up his eyes-

To see what was going on, to see if there was a surprise.


For where he lived there were several folks walking around-

And in the mornings, he didn’t know which ones would first be found.


The first thing that he would do is to jump off of his stick-

To land at the bottom of his cage, which was an easy trick.


And then he would head on over to his water bowl-

That would be freshly changed daily, and was always cold.


His food bowl was next in line-

Filled with treats, he would always find.


And then he would flutter his wings-

This was one of Saboux’s favorite things.


And then he would jump back up on his stick to wait-

For every morning, he would have a special date.


With his human Mother that would always get him out-

To love and hold him, for a long time, without a doubt.


He then got to run around for quite a while-

He would strut in the kitchen, in grand style.


And if his human Mother was at the computer, it was always a treat-

For he would walk on over to her, and fly, to land on her feet.


And then she would pick him up, once again-

With more time, together, for them to spend.


A good head rub and a body one too-

Everything was going well and usual, as far as Saboux could tell.


Saboux wasn’t just a regular pigeon-

For he liked to get his daily tasks done.



Three That Demand Our Attention (2016)

1. Kids.
2. Job duties.
3. Cats.
Goals met-
For many, top pet.



Ever So Hard-To Write A Greeting Card (82)

A heart stir-

To remember a brave soldier.


(Veterans Memorial Day)


Three That Will Get Your Attention (2016)

1. Good writing.
2. Great plot.
3. Great book cover.
To pass the test-

Reading at its best.


To Carry A Heavy Load-While Driving On The Road (144)

Time to spend-

Seriously paying attention.



It Rocks-To Head To Ballot Box (396)

At least we can have our say-

When things don’t appear to go our way.



Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Summer Season (405)

On the run-

Sun protection lotion.



Clear-That Fear (1103)

No trick-
Just positive words to stick.


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