Clear-That Fear (892)

If it’s all the same-
To stay panic free throughout the Super Bowl game.


Clear-That Fear (979)

Not only Easter eggs to drop-
But panic and anxiety, to also stop.


Three That Are Afraid Of Needles (2010)

1. Children.

2. Middle aged folks.

3. The elderly.
A spring loaded contraption,
that is needle free-
Will greatly reduce, the anxiety,
in our society.

To Change The Words To Clear-That Much Nagging Fear # 37

Some of those things that I read
I just cannot believe-

So I will research the subject,
and have the truth up my sleeve.

Clear-That Fear (833)

A link-
Doing a positive think.


Clear-That Fear (873)

A sure win-
To prevent it from happening again.


Clear-That Fear (123)

There was a time when I simply did not know-

That it was not necessary, for both panic and anxiety to continue to grow.



Three Places To Get Those Prescription Drugs (2012)

1. From the doctor.

2. On the street.

3. Out of Mother’s med cabinet.


Plenty to see-

Painkillers and pills for anxiety.


Clear-That Fear (775)

Peace to trade-
Instead of being afraid.


Clear-That Fear (188)

Help is on the way-
Just look inside your inner voice today.


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