Garbage Cans (2014)

As I was driving down the street, the other day, I happened to come across a dog tearing into a garbage bag.

The residents of the property apparently had no physical garbage can and just set out a big black. bag.


Obviously that is the reason for a can. It is a real nuisance to put out your garbage, only to have it strewn all over the street.


I can remember the days of the aluminum cans, and then we went to plastic. They had to be dragged to the road, before the

implementation of wheels. Nowadays, it is a breeze. Just fill up, and wheel it to the road.


The average size of a garbage can is 35-gallons, so I was surprised to read that in a parish, outside of New Orleans, they were

handing out 96-gallon garbage cans. It can hold 332 1/s pounds of garbage.  They can be hoisted up on the garbage truck,

leading to less injury to the men working.


Well, some people were complaining, for they claimed not to have enough garbage to fill up such a monster.

Basically it sounds better to have too much room, instead of not enough, and after all, the wheels take the pressure

off of taking it to the road.


The majority of people though love it, and have to hope that no one steals their prized garbage can on the street.

One thing for sure no one will pass by and see a dog chewing into their garbage, for it is big, high, and too thick.


“Secure garbage put out-

Waiting to be picked up, along the route.”



Three On The Street (2014)

1. Vehicle.
2. Bike.
3. New trash can.
You know the one-
Green and holds 96 gallons.


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