Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Extra Baggage)

Santa Claus was ready to go
He had all of his reindeer, in full tow.

The season had been planned well-
As everyone at the North Pole could
all tell.

Something new was in the air-
As the elves loaded up the sleigh,
in their regular fare.

There was an addition to the toys,
that the elves had made-
For there were also included many
crates, that were top grade.

They didn’t know it yet, but Santa
and his reindeer-
Had a new project, that was about
to come into the clear.

They were going to take a trip to the nearest pound-
Where all the sad animals, without homes, could be found.

And after loading them up in his
They would shortly be on their way.

The elves waved goodbye and off
they went-
Every Christmas Eve was a special

At each home they dropped off toys
And of course another surprise, being
just one more.

A homeless animal would be set up,
in its crate, under the tree-
And in the morning, it would join its
brand new family.

When Santa was finished on his route-
He was so glad about his new idea, as
this is what Christmas is really all about.

No more homeless animals in the the
As each and everyone of them, under
the Christmas tree to be curled.

A good night for all, until the very
next year-
Spreading joy, and much
Christmas cheer.



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