Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 862 (Santa Now And Way Back When)

I heard a noise-

Could it be the little girls and the little boys?


I knew that they had to be asleep-

I checked on them, there was not a peep.


I heard the noise again-

It reminded me of a noise, I had heard way

back when.


When I was a child, that same noise had come

into my head-

Probably Santa and his reindeer is what I had



Of course, I quickly shut my eyes-

Did not look, did not want to give Santa a surprise.


So manybe as an adult, I can do the same-

To ignore that noise, and figure that Santa came.


Even though we tend to grow old-

The enlightenment, of children can still unfold.


As I closed my eyes, I knew that my dreams could

still come true-

Santa I’m going to sleep and you can do what it

is that you need to do.


I heard a noise-

Could it be the little girls and the little boys?




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