Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 860 (Santa’s Return Home)

After Santa’s worldwide roam-

He was tired, when he got home.


Mrs. Santa Claus just had to get-

For him, a cup of hot chocolate.


And, off one boot came-

The other one ending up the same.


It has been a good run this year-

Santa and the reindeer, fulfilled their

mission with much cheer.


Not a child was missed, as Santa had


A toy for each child, was delivered all

across the land.


Mrs. Claus figured that Santa could use

a warm bubble bath-

She saw his tired face, she did the math.


So she ran him one, and urged him

to get in-

Tired muscles, on an old man, need to

be pampered now and then.


The reindeer needed a good rest too-

Rudolph turned his nose off, as the

season was over and through.


But, the elves knew that their job was

not over for long-

After a short vacation, well, the new

toy building would come along.


For it takes the whole year, to make

enough toys-

For all the good girls and the good boys.


After Santa’s worldwide roam-

He was tired when he got home.



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