Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Rubber Band Guns)


My mother’s childhood was spent
Not like today, but different.

They stayed gone most of the day
until dark-
Whether it be in the forest, for in
the local park.

And so many games were played
back in the day-
Imagination was used to pass time

One in particular was shooting each
other with a rubber band gun-
It was daring and every bit as fun.

I asked if it hurt and got a great reply-
Of course it did, it stung, and felt like
one was gonna die.

When asked where did this “toy” come
from, out of the blue-
The answer was that great-grandmother
made them, with her skills that she did

I find it funny and as a grandmother I
would find that idea hard to fly-
Simply with the reasoning, that someone
is might lose their eye.


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