Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Conspiracy Theory Back In The Day)

I noticed that a sanitary napkin product is in the news.
Which prompts me to step into my grandmother’s early
childhood shoes.

In the early 1900’s no one talked about certain things-
Such as sex, periods, and any other such topics with stings.

All was kept quiet, so if you wondered you might have to guess-
Explaining such things, as in today’s conspiracy theories, at their
very best.

My grandmother had a large family, with no birth control-
Is the way this story,can easily be told.

So babies came in the family, on a regular basis-
With another detail, that came regular too, that the other
children could not miss.

Babies came and little rags were hung on the clothes line-
Which became to the children, more babies to come, in full
visual sign.

So one day when my grandmother’s big sister hung some
of her own little rags on the clothesline-
All of the children including my grandmother had a sudden
anxious moment to find.

Their big sister was not married and God forbid-
Having a baby, unmarried, is something that would have
to be hid.

Back in the day, unmarried folks had kids, but kept it
Adopting in or out of the family is usually what would be

Little did my grandmother know that her big sister was in
full menstruation-
So off with the rumors and conspiracy theories in complete

Thank goodness nowadays we are all woke about these type
of facts-
For misinformation is such an ignorant attack.

Not knowing what is going on and making up a good
Is not a reasonable and safe way to go.

Getting back to the little rags at hand-
Thank goodness modern day sanitary products
are available across the land.

For the little rags did not hold quite good enough-
And surely back in the day, the women had it rough.

“Modern technology to capture-
What women, in all walks of life,
have to endure.”


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