Those Cats

.If there is anything that can mess up a person’s life it is a cat.

Not in the bad sense, but in the sense that some of us have

cats that can do whatever they want to.


I once saw a note and it said that cats used to be treated

like royalty back in the old days, but someone forgot to

tell them that the aren’t anymore.


I’ve seen two cat owners comparing scratches. Not from

accidents but from their cats that got a bit out of hand.

For some reason or another once the cat arrives at the

home there is not too much they can do to deter their



So many excuses are made for the cat. They were either

in a bad mood or they didn’t mean to do that this time.


Standing in line at the grocery store one day I spotted

a man who was purchasing cat treats only. He told the

cashier that he had gotten off of work, walked into

his house and spotted his three cats staring at him.

They were waiting for a treat that he had run out

of the day before.

So he simply turned around and went to take care

of that problem.


Cats. We couldn’t live without them. Or could we?


“Whiskers and tails-

To attach to easily without fail.”




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