Mongolian Sheep Trip Paid For by American Taxpayers Backlash

The Beach Boys-
Vs. “The Man With All The Toys”.

“I Get Around” with so much “Fun Fun Fun”-
To oppose not a “Surfin’ Safari” but to trophy hunting done.

“Be True To Your School”-
Knowing that this hunting event is being hosted by a fool.

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice? And “God Only Knows”-
The foolishness of the “spoiled” that continues to grow.

Brian Wilson doesn’t sing with the band no more-
But all in all he is the one that created this musical roar.

To boycott a disgusting act-
Is not asking for an unreasonable pact.

For a man who has brought much joy over the years-
The act of trophy hunting is disgusting and causes much tears.

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