Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 878 (That Childhood Trip)

I took a ride by car and by railroad-

And, in the meantime, passed many a road.


Beginning with the purple tones of

Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue-

By more than chance, $200 I happened to acrue.


Of course, the income tax got me, and I had to pay-

I felt like all of my earned money had been given away.


But, of course, in the light blue skies, I ventured on, and bought some property-

To the likes of Connecticut, Vermont, and Oriental Avenue, a bit of

revenue, I did happen to see.


I took the time, without fail-

To visit, a good friend in jail.


And, then off to St. Charles Place I went-

Also, to States Avenue and Virginia Avenue,

where much purple time was spent.


Orange highlighted I was delighted to see-

St. James Place, New York Avenue, and

that one avenue, simply named Tennessee.


I heard that there was free parking was up ahead-

But, somehow or another, I missed it, for

me, it was an issue that was dead.


As I continued on my trip, I saw much red up


That included Kentucky Avenue, Illinois Avenue,

and Indiana Avenue, before getting tired, and

then resting my head.


Before I had left on my trip, I had made sure-

That the Water Works and the Electric Company,

had been paid, so that the services back home

would endure.


The trip got more sunny, with

yellow so bright-

Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor Avenue,

and Marvin Gardens, this planned trip

felt so right.


A mishap occured, and I ended up

in jail-

I had taken a detour, and quickly

paid, without much fail.


After serving time, the better side, of

life was seen-

Pacific Avenue, North Carolina Avenue,

and Pennsylvania Avenue, all highlighted

in green.


With a few purchases, came the luxury tax-

It was about time to stop spending, to avoid

going bankrupt, for my card was heading

towards the mode of max.


And, then finally came the real reward-

Thanks to funds from a community chest,

I royally blue, studied Park Place and Boardwalk very hard.


Of course, I could have started all over again-

But, I grabbed my $200, and headed back home,

up and over the bend.


I took a ride by car and by railroad-

And, in the meantime, passed many a road.


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