Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 554

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Three was a grouchy man, to see-

For he was miserable, he didn’t have any a/c.


It had gone out during the night-

And, gave the man, an awful fright.


What was he to do, as he did not want to pay, an extra fee-

For the a/c man, to come out, and look, he knew that they didn’t do it for free.


He then tried to remember, how it was back in the old days-

Before a/c, when things were done, in so many different ways.


He remembered the neighbors, all gathering on the porch-

Waiting for the bedrooms, to cool off, for they did feel a bit, of scorch.


And, then when it was time, to go in-

They’d put on that old fan, to get some wind.


He hadn’t thought, of that old fan, in forever-

He’d get it out, yes…

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