Letter To The Editor (Short Weekends)

We have had a busy year so far. Celebrated the New Year and now

we are heading into Easter. If we don’t slow things down, the plans

to run in the next Turkey Trot will be made.


Before you get your Mardi Gras beads tucked away, it’s time

to start thinking about those boiled eggs and all of that candy.

If anything can be shaped into a rabbit it will be, for the Easter

Bunny is heading this way.


I’ve always been a fan of slowing down time, especially during the

weekend. The week on many occasions tends to run slow and then

after we realized that it is the weekend, it quickly flies by.


I guess that it wouldn’t feel right if the work week flew by and then

we just sat on the weekend. Too much relaxation is not good for



As I watch the cold weather up in the Northeast, I’m about to

tuck away my sweater, but I know better, for as soon as you

do that the ‘last” cold snap appears.


The true season of spring will come quickly enough. And if

it doesn’t then we will have to develop a bit of patience.


“Still stands true-

Patience is a virtue.”



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