Letter To The Editor (Butter And Gas)

The other day I came across a lyric in a song that was amusing.

It was simple and stated it just like it could be.

The singer sang I’ve got gas in my truck and butter for my biscuit.

It sounded so cute, but then on the other hand it sends a strong



Life can feel just right with a minimum of the things. It doesn’t have

to take a lot to get to that moment. Some of us are never satisfied

with no matter how much we spend, while others are satisfied with

the basic.


We cannot get by without that gas in the truck, we all know that. It’s

hard to get around like that, but then that butter for the biscuit is

another matter.


I once was having dinner at a friend’s house and they had run out of

butter. In the midst making mac and cheese we just opted to do

without the butter. Adding a bit more milk it was not quite the same but

it was edible.


It would have been so much the better with the butter, but we managed.

To hear those lyrics again it makes me appreciate the little things. That is

the way that life should be.


“Simple things to amass-

Tasty butter and gas.”

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