Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 705 (New Orleans To Memphis)

We left New Orleans in a river boat-

To enjoy the scenery, to keep afloat.


To enjoy the river, as many have done before-

Never to miss a moment, never to experience

the mode of bore.


To pass by Baton Rouge, the capitol city-

With many more sights, to view and see.


Then to bypass Natchez and Vicksburg too-

Louisiana is gone, and now into Mississippi,

for another breath of fresh air, to acrue.


Here we are docking, in Tennessee, at Memphis,

at last-

The city of the blues, in the midst, of the

glorious past.


Off to Graceland, is where we went-

To visit where Elvis is buried, and where part of

his life was spent.


We left New Orleans, in a riverboat-

To enjoy the scenery, to keep afloat.



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