Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 762 (To Simply Walk And Talk)

The man and woman took a walk-

To see nature, simply to talk.


They went into the woods, filled with trees-

In the shade, there was a breeze.


They passed a squirrel, that had an

acorn in hand-

Quite a quick little fellow, colored brown

and tan.


They suddenly came upon a creek that

had run dry-

Guess that old stuff called drought, is the

reason why.


A big green turtle, stuck his head out-

And, when he spotted the visitors, his

head reversed in route.


All over the forest, there were many kinds

of vine-

On the forest floor, and up in trees, to

seek and find.


As the man and woman continued to talk-

They didn’t realize the distance, until they

headed back on their walk.


Miles and miles they had traveled at best-

Having a simple talk and enjoying the forest.


The man and woman took a walk-

To see nature, to simply talk.



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