Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 751 (Elvis The Lizard)

Elvis the lizard, managed to get in the house-

Minding his own business, causing a rouse.


For the owner, of the house, was not amused-

Elvis’ being there, could not be excused.


For Elvis, according to the homeowner belonged


The owner tried to catch him, over and over again

she tried.


But, Elvis was quick, and would jump over there-

Before long, Elvis was jumping everywhere.


Finally, the homeowner, caught him, with a piece

of tissue-

For Elvis, this was a very big issue.


Would the homeowner eat him, or just throw him


Elvis wasn’t sure if this would be his last day.


The only thing he could think to do-

Was to play dead, so that he could manage

to get through.


That is what Elvis’ mother taught him at birth-

To preserve himself, for all that it was worth.


All of a sudden, Elvis was set down outside, on

a step-

He opened his eyes, and then he lept.


Into a bush, is where Elvis went-

And, then under the house, where much time

would be spent.


The homeowner knew that this was the right

thing to do-

To catch Elvis, and then to follow through.


Lizards aren’t all that icky or bad to be around-

But, in the end, outside, is where they should all

be found.


Elvis, the lizard, managed to get into the house,

Minding his own business, causing a rouse.



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