The Old Man’s Christmas (2003)

I once knew an elderly man whose eyes shined when he looked back on his  childhood holiday memories. I know that I’ve written about him before but it has  been a long time and I think that it is well worth repeating.
The man was born in the early 1900’s and the holiday season was not as  commercial as it is nowadays. there were no video games or cd’s to be wished for  as they were items that had not been dreamed up yet.
But dreams did exist back in those days although they were on a more simple  basis. As the boy lay in his bed he pictured Santa Claus bringing him a bag  filled with fruit and candy. it was what he had gotten the year before and the  year before that. Nothing else could possibly come to his mind except  the  wonderful treats that he had come to expect.
The best part of the holiday really was his mothers’ cooking. She’d cook  for just about the whole week before the holiday arrived. Cookies, candies, and  pies would be on the menu and throughout the whole house the smell would give  away the idea that the holiday was on the way.
Back in those days the out of town relatives would come to the boys’ house  and the amount of food would be enormous as everyone would make sure that there  was plenty.
The relatives brought their favorite foods to add to what his mother made.  The boy ended up with one huge feast and the best family gathering each and  every year.
That is the part that he remembered and missed the most. The treat bag with  the fruit, which included apples, oranges, and candy was just the icing on the  cake.
He never really thought to ask for anything for the Christmas holiday  because he was always afforded just exactly what he needed.
A wonderful Christmas holiday that left him with a lifetime of wonderful  memories. it made his eyes shine back then and kept them shining as an old man  everytime he recollected the story of his childhood.
“A wonderful childhood is the reason-
The old mans’ eyes shined during the holiday season!”

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