Candy Canes And Christmas Trees (2001)

A friend put up her Christmas tree and decorated it heavily with candy canes. I use the word heavily because it’s funny how the candy canes begin to disappear from the tree as soon as they’re put on there.

Surely it’s not some little magical elves taking them off, but her own grandchildren. Experience from past years has brought her to the conclusion, that if there are to be any candy canes left for Christmas day then she must line them heavily on the tree!

I love candy canes. It used to be that they were only red and white striped, but now they come in a variety of colors and flavors. A friend at work happened to mention the chocolate ones. I haven’t seen any, but it sounds good to me.

Originally they were made to help keep the kids quiet at church, but after doling out a few to my own grandchildren I find that they’ll keep kids quiet for a few no matter where they are.

I think I’ll put a few on my tree. Make that more than a few for as my friend has taught..a few does not travel very far.

“Candy canes on the tree-
A delight for all the kids to eat and see!”


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