Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 760 (Taking A Break From The Golden Rule)

It was the last day, of school-

A vacation, away, from that golden rule.


The children heard that school bell ring-

And, suddenly they were off to their vacation thing.


The little red schoolhouse was suddenly-

My goodness, it was downright empty.


For the children were off, to the land, of fun-

Aside, from the home chores that had to be done.


It was 1900, and the new century had just begun-

The favorite activity, at this time, was to just set out

and run.


To run fast and as far as one could-

To be out of sight, there in the wood.


To come across that favorite spring-

To swim and take care of the fishing thing.


To fulfill that ultimate wish-

To bring home at least 3 huge fish.


The summers were long, and the children

savored it at best-

To climb trees, to hunt for berries, to

get plenty, of rest.


The time would come again, to pay attention

to that golden rule-

But, for right now, the children were going

to enjoy every moment, of the summer,

out of school.


It was the last day of school-

A vacation away, from that golden rule.



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