Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (If Only We Could Educate The Pets About Thunderstorms)

I remember being woke up, in the middle, of a deep sleep, by loud thunder.
It felk like it went straight through my body.

It scared me seriously, but I quickly regained my senses, as I had the knowledge,
to know what it was, and where it came from.

This is not the case, of our pets. They hear something coming at them, in a
dangerous tone, and don’t have the comprehension, to know what it is all about.
The fear in many of them are sad.

One dog I know begins to shake even before the storm gets going. He can feel some
type of pressure, and he immediately begins to shake from fear. His owner has a heads
up, in regards, to any rain beginning to drop.

Another dog I know paces back and forth, looking for an out, or a way to battle that
crashing noise. This goes on until the storm takes its course. There is a final relaxation,
until the next episode.

Obviously it doesn’t matter what size the dog is as the fear remains the same.

Luna, my granddaughter’s dog is huge. Gentle, at heart, but carries a big body, and has
a big head. She doesn’t like thunder either.

So when I saw a selfie of them together during the last thunderstorm, I could see how
they handled the situation.

They were both in the bed, all covered and snuggled, with only their heads sticking out,
comforting each other during every boom.

“If only we could all hideaway-

On the very next thunderstorm day.”


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