Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 819 (Bad Habits Galore)


Snacking round the clock-

Inside the house, around the block.


Watching TV, both day and night-

Sometimes til the morning light.


Didn’t need that item, but bought it anyway-

Won’t miss me at a sale, on any given day.


Don’t have time to cook-

But, fast food, is all it took.


About the sun, not too concerned-

Can remember, all the times, I’ve been sunburned.


I’d rather be glad-

But, most times, I’m just downright stressed and mad.


Missed breakfast, but, that is okay-

For later on, I’ll do lots of snacking, during the day.


Never to stall-

Always partaking, in that extra glass, of alcohol.


As far as smoking goes, I’ll quit-

Later on, in a little bit.


Just one more pill, to ease the plight-

I’ll quit that too, later, for it just ain’t right.


Bad habits are hard to break-

But, need to be worked on, for goodness sake.

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