Flying By

The warm weather has arrived so off to the
water park we went. We get a pass and try
to go as often as we can.

When we arrived I noticed that many changes
had happened since the last time. Another
company had taken over and it had a new name.

Fine with me as long as the river was still running.
I love the wave pool and that long relaxing river.
So soothing.

As we approached the river I noticed that many heads
were basically flying by. Something was different but
it was hard to figure at the moment.

As soon as we got in it became obvious that they had
ramped up the river speed. At least 3 times as fast. It
was no problem, but it was funny when I got ready to
grab the bar to get out on the stairs.

I missed the bar and went down a little further. In past
days that would be no problem as you just hang onto
the side and work your way back.

Well I grabbed the side and the force of the water would
not let me get back. It pulled my entire body. Imagine me
hanging on with my legs out straight getting ready to go
the other direction. Well in this case I simply had to
go back around. Of course, I didn’t really mind. Who
can complain when they are stuck for another round
in a river motion?

“On a whim-
To do a faster swim.”




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