Back In The Day On Halloween Night (2014)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

I remember the days when we’d go trick or treating. It was a time to dress up and go house to house, to get some candy, to fill up our bags.

We usually just put on stuff from around the house, and added a bit of Mama’s makeup. Or if we were lucky enough, someone in the family

would make us a costume.


I don’t remember ever speaking of the devil, per say. It was just a fun filled night. As soon as it got dark, we’d head off for our adventure.

A lot of the neighborhood would participate, and some houses would give us loads of candy, while others would give us a fright.

I can remember a gorilla coming from behind the bushes. Mr. Smith, down the street, had to have some fun too.

The most amazing thing back then was the popcorn balls that we ate…

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