Fake News And Justice

When I first heard the term “fake news” I got a funny feeling in my stomach. It sounded familiar, but as everyone else, I put it to the side. Obviously it was not going away, as it was repeated over and over again.

It was said so hateful and said so often that I began to wonder if there was anything behind it. The source where it was coming from was the main curiosity. It was coming from the main man in the White House. The one who is supposed to represent our country, and protect our Constitution.

In the meantime, something is wrong as he is in the midst of daily tearing down a major piece of this Constitution. As time has gone by, it has become obvious that there must be a reason to do this. They say that if you repeat something often enough, the people will begin to believe it. I would hate to think that something has been done that is so terrible that the President of the United States would begin to tear down our Constitution for his own benefit.

I see this going on not only in the press department, but also in the judicial department. The President’s speech to a group of police the other day was my case in point. This is a country where you are supposed to be innocent until you are proven guilty. So to be rough and throw someone in the back of a “paddywagon” doesn’t sound reasonable.

I noticed last week when the President’s son-in-law went to answer questions regarding talking to Russians and their meddling into our country? Until he is found guilty he is innocent. He was not thrown about or shoved. He was picked up by a limo, brought to his location, and treated with much respect.

What is the difference between the two scenarios? Both should be considered innocent before being proven guilty. There are crimes and then there are crimes. Each situation is supposed to be protected, not just the special few.

“As we continue along-
To keep our Contitution from
being put in the wrong.


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