Wednesday Yarn (One More Thing Not On That List)

There have been many times in my life, when I

go to the grocery store to get just that one thing.

Well, before it is over and done, I have more than

just the one thing. Sometimes I just juggle the stuff

in my arms, and at other times I decide that it is time

to go and get a basket.


The funny thing is that a lot of times, the thing that I

went for to begin with has been forgotten, and then

it is not remembered until the moment that it is needed

once again.


The latest episode of this is the bath bar that the husband

uses. It was getting thinner and thinner until the point that

it was smaller than those in prison are allowed to have.

I saw that on TV. They keep theirs little and thin, so that

they cannot make a weapon out of it.


It’s always best to make a shopping list. The list will keep

you on track. Of course, if you get to the store and cannot

find the list, you are back to square one. If you’re like me

you will not remember the main things that you needed.


There is always the moment though, to pick up those other

things that are not on the list. The things that you really do

not need, the things that you will regret bringing home. It’s

always wise for me to breeze right past the candy and snack

aisles. Surely none of that was on my list.


Well, it may not have been on my list, but when I look again

I can see where some of it slid from the shelves into my basket.

Don’t know how that happens. Better luck next time.


“Not a moment to be missed-

Shopping at the grocery store with the well intended list.”



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