Wednesday Yarn (The Waltons)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Whenever I get a chance I love to watch

The Waltons. It’s not just the adventures

that they involve themselves in, a lot of

times it is that sitting down to that dinner

table that interests me.

The long wooden table with the fresh table

cloth takes care of this family with room

left for a guest.

It seems like it would take an awful lot of

food and cooking to feed this family on

Walton’s Mountain, but show after show

they manage to do just that.

Grandma Walton has been seen picking the

green beans, Mama works out in the garden,

and one of the children tends to the chicken


One thing that is apparent is that there is

always a plate of bread on the table and you

hear someone say pass that butter.

Surely it is real butter. You know the kind

that was churned on…

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